Vilnius, Dec. 2 2002

Confirmation of the long-term programme for implementing decisions marked on the detailed plan concerning the museum-representational and memorial aspects of Užutrakis Manor Estate and Cultural Monument G208KP

On the basis of Point 4 of the Lithuanian Republic's Government Resolution760 (May 28 2002) "On Granting land administration rights to the Management of Trakai Historical National Park and the changing of the Lithuanian Republic's Government Resolutions 912 (Dec 6 1993) and 69 (Jan. 11 1996)" (Valstybės žinios 2002 No. 54-2131), I CONFIRM:
the long-term programme for implementing decisions marked on the detailed plan concerning the museum-representational and memorial aspects of Užutrakis Manor Estate and Cultural Monument G208KP (appended below)

Minister of Culture, Roma Dovydenienė

By Order 451 of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania,
dated December 2 2002

The long-term programme for implementing decisions marked on the detailed plan concerning the museum-representational and memorial aspects of Užutrakis Manor Estate and Cultural Monument G208KP


1.Historical review

The peninsula between Lakes Galvė and Skaistis, called Algirdas Island, has been known since the fourteenth century. Until the early seventeenth century it was owned by Tatar nobles and to this day it is known by the name of one of the last Tatar nobles who administered Užutrakis, Tomasz Zatrocki (Užutrakiškis in its modern Lithuanian translated form). Later Užutrakis was administered by the bishops of Vilnius, the Seliava family and from the eighteenth century it belonged to the Odinec family and from 1846 to the Koreiwos. In the second half of the nineteenth century the manor was purchased by Count Józef Tyszkiewicz, whose descendants ran it until World war Two. On June 5 1901 Tsar Nicholas II declared Užutrakis a majorat or united indivisible estate. The first ordinate of Užutrakis was Count Józef Tyszkiewicz and after he died in 1917 the second and last ordinate was his son Andrzej who died in London in 1968.

At the end of the nineteenth century Józef Tyszkiewicz built a two-storey historicism-style house, terrace and balustrade according to an architectural design by Józef Hus on the peninsula between lakes Galvė and Skaistis on the lake-shore opposite Trakai Island Castle. The house is surrounded by a park planned by the famous French landscape gardener Edouard Fran?ois André. The park was adorned by various sculptures depicting classical deities. In the representational part of the park around 70 species of imported trees and shrubs supplement the native flora. After construction work on the house was completed work began on the outbuildings - a stables, cow-byre, smithy and spirit distillery. The outbuildings were built of brick and stone and certain of them were heated. In 1902 electricity was already on line. Energy was supplied by a local dynamo. The manor prospered under Tyszkiewicz control. Here they collected many treasures, paintings, furniture, porcelain. Some of this collection is still in Lithuania. When the Second World War broke out the Tyszkiewiczes of Užutrakis emigrated to Great Britain.

In 1940 after the manor estate was nationalised the buildings were handed over for trades union use and after the war this was the site of a KGB sanatorium, young pioneers' camp and later a tourist base. According to Lithuanian Republic Government Resolution 1052 (July 27 1995) Užutrakis was transferred to Trakai Historical National Park.

2. Cultural value

The value of Užutrakis Manor Park lies in the fact that the park is set in a unique natural and urban environment and was created by architects and landscape gardeners of great world- and local renown in the historicist and secessionist styles that were very popular at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, making masterful use of local opportunities and building in panoramas to encompass sights far beyond the boundaries of the park itself. The dichotic method was used in park construction.

The cultural value of Užutrakis Manor Park was even recognised back in Soviet days when nineteenth-century cultural heritage was regarded very sceptically. The house and park were included in the then Cultural Monument List (as No. AtV-741).

By Lithuanian Republic Government Resolution 256 (April 7 1992) Užutrakis Manor park was included on the list of former manor parks-monuments of history and culture that were not to be privatised.

In line with Order 12 (Jan. 15 1999) of the Director of the Cultural Treasures Protection Dept within the Ministry of Culture Užutrakis Manor Park was included in the Lithuanian Republic's Register of Non-Movable Cultural Treasures.

Lithuanian Republic Government Resolution 1465 (Dec. 23 1999) declared Užutrakis Manor Park a cultural monument.

In drafted, confirmed and valid territorial planning documents the museum-representational and memorial cultural value of Užutrakis Manor Park is outlined as that of a territory of clear aestheticism, expressive style and a great concentration of treasures. Its authenticity and materials have changed partially. The role of parts of the park is dominant. The surroundings have not changed, their form and function have survived.

3. The function principles of Užutrakis Manor Park

The function and ways of using Užutrakis Manor Park have been set down in the following LR Government resolutions:

Resolution 912 (Dec. 6 1993): the Trakai Historical National Park Confirmed Planning scheme provides for using Užutrakis for recreation, tourist accommodation, official state occasions;

Resolution 69 (Jan. 11 1996) provides for using the following manor buildings in the Trakai Historical National Park’s territory and on its balance sheet for official state requirements: the main House (Užutrakio St. 17), the stable-byre (Užutrakio St. 1), a dwelling house (Užutrakio St. 3), dwelling house (Užutrakio St. 7), coach house (Užutrakio St. 12a);

Resolution 755 (June 9 1999) confirms the outline of the prospective use programme of Užutrakis Manor Park.

To put these resolutions into effect in 1999-2001 the Management of Trakai Historical National Park drafted and in the manner set down in Law confirmed planning documents for Užutrakis Manor Park - special (monument-protection) and detailed plans, which form the condition and basis for preserving the treasures in this ensemble and using them in a modern way.

Lithuanian Republic Government Resolution 760 (May 28 2002) approved the draft of territorial planning documents as an integral part of the Trakai Historical National Park’s planning scheme. At the same time the rules on buildings used on official state occasions in Resolution 69 (Jan. 11 1996) were changed. On the basis of the drafted detailed plan this function was allotted solely to the buildings in the central, most valuable part of the manor, thereby avoiding future occasions when the whole manor park complex would have had to have been closed in accordance with protocol requirements, and respecting the idea of having an political representation centre open to the Lithuanian public.

The essential point of the idea of the prospective functioning of Užutrakis Manor Park comprises the formation of three functionally different parts of the park. These parts cover exactly defined territories. The value, protection regime and management, and form and intensity of use of each part are different.

The basic functioning parts of the manor are as follows: museum-recreational, social-cultural and active leisure. In addition a memorial part has been set down with the old Užutrakis cemetery and cemetery chapel ruins and an infrastructure part with all the engineering infrastructure the park requires. The conditions for land- and building use of the museum-representational and memorial parts of the manor are set forth in appendices 3, 4 and 5 of this programme.

The territory of the museum-representational part of the manor comprises: the most valuable and best surviving central part of the estate, centring on the Main House, its parterres, terrace and immediate surroundings. In the future this part of the estate will be set aside primarily for official state occasions - official receptions, international negotiations, conferences and other protocol requirements and it will also be used a an official guest house. Because of the effectiveness of the panoramas created when the manor was built and their semantic and aesthetic contents (from there the Island Castle and Trakai town can be observed), and the particularly artistic interior spaces the House can be used handsomely to represent our country's cultural and natural heritage for official visitors.

This relatively isolated part of the estate (on three sides are lakes Galvė and Skaistis and on the fourth, northern side is the remaining pond system) can be cordoned off easily, thereby precluding tourist visits on official occasions. In addition this part of the estate could be protected easily and serviced technically according to the relative requirements occasion would demand.

Official state occasions are rare and thus the afore-mentioned part of the estate would be open to the public almost all the time. First and foremost public visits should be arranged for this museum part of the territory, classical music concerts or even larger cultural events (music, ballet festivals) could be held in the House and on the terraces. It would be possible too to hold non-state academic, cultural and commercial meetings at national and international level (conferences, seminars, exhibitions) and accommodation and other services could be offered.

The modern Lithuanian state still lacks a system of fully-formed official representational objects and thus the allocation of the museum-representational part of Užutrakis Manor Park to this function would complement the existing system very considerably.

When restoring Užutrakis Manor Park and adapting it for use as an official state building and museum note is taken of the fact that the greater part of the estate as a whole would be restored with non-state funds.

The establishment of such an object in Trakai would outline very firmly the historical value and function of this town and would set down a long-term line in the town's development.

Attention should be paid to the fact that between the wars the political importance of the town of Trakai was stressed even in relations between Lithuania and other countries.

The restoration and use of Užutrakis Manor Park is regulated by the Law of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts (see appendix one) and territorial planning documents (appendix 2).

II. Ground for Restoring Užutrakis Manor Estate

1. General data

1. the name and address of the object: Užutrakio dvaro sodyba. Muziejinė-reprezentacinė ir memorialinė dalys, Užutrakio St., Trakai Town, Trakai Ward, Trakai Region, Vilnius District.

2. Ownership of buildings and constructions: Lithuanian Republic Government Resolution 1052 (July 27 1995) transferred all constructions, buildings and engineering equipment to the Management of Trakai Historical National Park for administration as trustees.

3. Other owners. In 1991 the Trakai State Tourism Enterprise leased a storage facility to A. Bieliauskas who without authorisation rebuilt the store as a sauna and privatised it.

4. Lessees and sub-lessees. Trakai Regional Council Resolution 50 (June 21 1995), Resolution 117 (Sept. 13 1995), Resolution 54 (April 1 1997) and Resolution 389 (Nov. 12 1998) declared premises as dwelling premises and allotted them to former employees of the Trakai State Tourism Enterprise.


The families of R. Drungilas, A. Grigorjeva, L. Dzikevičiūtė and R. Ustila were allotted plots of land to build dwelling houses in 1991 and 1992 by the Trakai Regional Authority.

The families of L. Labrenčienė and V. Sosnovskaja were allotted dwelling space in 1994 but are still living in a dilapidated building (building site in territorial planning documents - 01G). Legal proceedings are under way to evict these families. Trakai Regional District Court has ordered the eviction of L. Labrenčienė's family and obliged the Trakai Region Authority to provide the family with other accommodation. The case for evicting V. Sosnovskaja's family is sub judice in the Trakai Regional District Court.

There are no sub-lessees.

5. Technical inventories. Those for buildings have been drafted, those for engineering equipment are being drafted.

6. Legal Registration of property. The buildings have been registered legally. After technical inventories have been compiled for engineering equipment, this property will also be registered.

7. Data concerning mortgaging, user debts and other payment requirements. The property has not been mortgaged, there are no debts and there are no payment requirements.

8. Administrator or main owner of the plot. Lithuanian Republic Government Resolution 760 (May 28 2002) gave the land to the Management of Trakai Historical National park.

9. Other users. No data available.

10. Plot boundary plan. The plot boundary plan was drawn up in 1998 and has been submitted for approval by the Trakai Regional Authorities and the Administration of the Governor of Vilnius District.

11. Topographical photograph of the plot. Prepared in 1998. Scale 1:500. Made by the Engineering Research Institute.

12. Other comments. The Ministry of Culture's Cultural Treasures Protection Dept must complete the process of liquidating the Trakai State Tourism Enterprise.

2. Brief description of work done

Work on restoring and adapting Užutrakis Manor Park to contemporary Lithuanian needs was begun in 1997.

Main House. During a storm in 1994 the main House's roof was destroyed. At the end of 1997 work began on repair work. The roof has been covered now and the ceilings of the second floor have been brought into order, the dilapidation of the facade has been halted and the building has been conserved.

Great Bridge. Repair work on the Užutrakis great Bridge was begun in 1999 and completed in 2000. Work on reconstruction areas by the bridge and the engineering communications network has not been carried out.

Užutrakis Manor granary. Restoration work on Užutrakis Manor granary, begun 1999 was in effect completed in 2000. Restoration work on the facade has not been completed. The granary is used for cultural events organised by the Trakai Historical National Park.

The Little Bridge. Work to repair the brickwork of the bridge and access area was begun in 2001. In 2002 work was completed on the access parts and decorative railings. The bridge facade has been dealt with as has the access area. Work must be done on the brickwork of the arches.

Main House terrace and balustrade. Work on the terrace and balustrade was begun in 1999. It is no longer in a parlous state but work is incomplete here.

Užutrakis Park. Intensive overseeing work began in autumn 1997. Unplanned greenery has been liquidated in the park territory. Inventory taken of flora in a five-hectares' plot, applied hydro-geological, botanical, zoological and archaeological work has been carried out. Plan drafted for re-creating one of the ponds. The work that has been done enables us to continue work on restoring greenery and ponds, research, inventory and planning work and move on to the clearing stage. Work has not begun on ordering the green spaces in Užutrakis. Care work has been carried out and has been well evaluated by Lithuanian and foreign experts. Landscape architects from the French Edouard André Association assess the state of Užutrakis Manor as stabilised.

By 2002 3,523,000 was used on restoration work to Užutrakis Manor estate. Information on the financing of Užutrakis Manor estate is given below in appendix 6.

3. Necessary work and timelines thereof

13. Evictions of inhabitants. In order to effect this programme inhabitants must be moved out of the whole Užutrakis Manor Estate ensemble so that work can be down on re-creating the museum-representative part of the estate and also on reconstructing other parts of the ensemble, preparing them for private investment and seeking to end continual social conflict.

According to calculations made during the detailed planning stage the final removal of inhabitants from the ensemble (excluding inhabitants owning the five private dwelling sites which would requirement payment of 2,000,000 Lt) 1,932,000 Lt are needed along with a further 500,000 to buy out private property in the museum-representational part of the estate.

The deadline for carrying out work on removing inhabitants and buying the private property within the museum-representational part of the estate is the end of 2003.

14. Main House (01A). Repair of the Main House and restoration, adaptation for talks, conferences and other official requirements and the museum. Given funding the deadline is end 2005.

15. Demolition for buildings for destruction. Buildings for demolition (01G, 01H, 01J, 01K, 01L, 01M, 01N, 01O, 01P, 01R). Given funding and the removal of inhabitants and buying up of private property, this should be done by the end of the first half of 2004.

16. Drafting plan for inventory and re-creation of park flora. Given funding, deadline end 2004.

17. Repair of hotel (01B) and adaptation work. Given funding, deadline end 2004.

18. Repair of Ferryman's house (01E). Given funding and the removal of inhabitants, deadline end 2005.

19. Ice House (01C) - repair, restoration. Given funding and removal of inhabitants, deadline - by end 2005.

20. Stables' building (01D) - repair, restoration. Repair, restoration, adaptation for security requirements, given funding, deadline - end 2006.

21. Repair, restoration of minor architectural forms on the parterre and re-creation of destroyed forms; re-creation of sculptures on the House parterre. Research and search work carried out. Given funding, work to finish by end 2005. Funds for this work gained from international and local charity and support funds and other sources.

22. Tidying, restoration, and re-creation of destroyed minor architectural forms in the park; re-creation of sculptures in Dukes' Avenue and the statue of Bacchus. Research and search work. Given funding, work finished by end 2005. Funds for this work gained from international and local charity and support funds and other sources.

23. Regeneration of Ponds I and II in the park (cleaning, removal of peat). Planning and research work. Given funding, deadline by end 2005.

24. Re-creation of ponds III,IV, V, VI, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII (1.9 ha for ponds in place of the completely destroyed ponds). Given funding, deadline - end 2006.

25. Recreating flower-beds, lawns, herbaceous borders of the Main House parterre (0.5 ha), given funding, deadline by end of 2006

26. Lawns and small flower-beds within the park (approximately 1.5 ha). Given funding, deadline - by end 2007. Funds for this work sought from international and local charity and support funds and other sources.

27. Park green areas (thinning out of approximately 24 ha of woodland, pruning, replanting, clearing and so on), given funding, deadline - by end 2005.

28.Main House, terraces, parterre – decorative illumination (lights and electric cables). Given funding, deadline - by end 2005.

29. Lamps for lighting park (170 park lamps and 30 projectors, plus electric cable network). Given funding, deadline – by end 2007.

30. Modern motor ferry (for transport and people). Given funding, deadline – by end 2006.

31. Fitting rowing boat landing stage. Given funding, deadline – end 2007.

32. Restoration of three bays. Given funding, deadline – end 2007.

33. Rebuilding Bridge T-3. Given funding, deadline – end 2007.

34. Restoration of Bridge T-1; work on recreating the Great Bridge is in effect complete. Work on access to bridge and extending engineering communications needs to be carried out. Given funding, deadline – by end 2005.

35. Restoration of Bridge T-2. work on restoring the Little Bridge is under way and could be finished in 2003, given funding.

36. Car park (10 spaces by building 01D). Given funding, deadline – by end 2006.

37. Repair of main and subsidiary roads, re-creation of destroyed roads. Given funding, deadline – by end 2007.

38. Work to conserve, restore and tidy objects in the memorial section. Given funding, deadline – by end 2004. Funds for this work (tidying green spaces) sought from international and local charity and support funds and other sources.

39. Preparation of dendrological collection plot and equipping of the collection. Given funding, deadline – by end 2005. Funds for this work sought from international and local charity and support funds and other sources.

In this programme we rely on the premise that that, given funding, work in the Užutrakis Manor estate museum-representational and memorial parts could be carried out within five years (2003-2007), using money from the state budget, European Union structural funds and the local authority. Part of the funds should be collected from international and local charity and support foundations and other sources.

4. Preliminary cost calculations

The requirement for funds to implement the Užutrakis Manor Park detailed plan has been calculated by taking into account the size, area and use of buildings, data on constructions to be erected again or from scratch, territorial data, data for regenerating, restoring the pond system and outline costs for outdoor engineering networks, building construction and outfitting work, the cost of removing inhabitants and guideline prices for buying up private property, various commercial project proposals, poll data and so forth. A more solid, simplified calculation for the costs of labour on renovating and adapting parts of the estate was carried out and assessments were made of the costs of setting up the dendrological collection and electric heating. In our calculations various analogies were taken into consideration, cost indicators for 1 m² or 1m³ of public and dwelling buildings, poll data etc. Outline costs for outdoor engineering networks and equipment were set by UAB Ekoprojektas specialists.

The data of cost calculations for renovating, restoring and adapting the museum-representational parts of the park are presented in appendices 7 and 8.

5. Other conditions for implementing the programme.

The recreation of the physical state and cultural value of Užutrakis Manor park and its adaptation to the aims of a Lithuanian state representational centre open to the Lithuanian general public is based on the condition that only the museum-representational and memorial parts of the ensemble will be restored with funds from the state budget, European Union structural funds and other state and local authority bodies.

The socio-cultural and active leisure parts of Užutrakis Manor Park can be leased long term in the manner set down in Law to non-state-capital enterprises in tourist infrastructure. The income gained from the lease of existing and restorable objects could be used in the way set down in Law for the maintenance and restoration of the museum-representational and memorial parts of the estate.

The legal procedure and order for such use of Užutrakis Manor Estate buildings and constructions in its socio-cultural and active leisure parts is regulated by the Lithuanian Republic’s Civil Codex, the Lithuanian Republic’s State and Local Authority Ownership, Use and Disposal of Property Law (Valstybės žinios 1998, No. 54-1492; 2002 No. 60-2412) and other legal acts.

The available energy resources satisfy the requirements of the museum-representational part of Užutrakis Manor Estate completely. Meanwhile the energy requirement of the whole ensemble is twice as large as that available. Therefore special plans for outdoor engineering communications and cleaning equipment will have to be drafted. It will be possible to fit out outdoor engineering networks and cleaning equipment after drawing investors into the estate’s socio-cultural and active leisure sectors.

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